Counselling for Children and Young People

Counselling Young People

The transition of child to adult can sometimes be far from easy for some young people.  School, family and friends can be impacted on when a young person has an issue or anxiety that they are struggling with. 

Counselling may be able to help them to find ways of working with whatever issue they may have – from feeling depressed, social anxiety, concerns with drugs or alcohol or bereavement.

The young person may already have a way that they like to express themselves such as photography, art or poetry and I am happy to work with them in this way or alternatively in a more conventional way of working. 

Sessions for the young person are confidential but it may be useful at times for the parents/carers to also be involved in sessions with the young person’s consent

Counselling Children

I have a number of ways of helping children explore and understand how they feel about themselves and the world they live in. 

I use an intuitive and creative approach in order to give children the ability to explore, be curious and feel safe with whatever issue or anxiety they may bring to counselling.  I like to use a variety of creative media in order to help children express what they sometimes cannot find the words for.  I may use sand tray, stories, games and drawing.  If you child has a particular way of expressing themselves then I would be happy to work with them in that way.

Sometimes it can be useful to work with the families or carers of the child and so I would also encourage this if appropriate and beneficial to the child.

I am able to work alongside any programs such as Thrive if you have a more specific area that you require a counselling service.  I also have experience of DAF, CIN and Family Group Process

I have training in Safeguarding Children, current DBS checks and current insurance in order to practice.