Finding hope in your sadness and loss


Grieving is a normal response when you lose someone who was important to you.  There is no right or wrong way to grieve or a given length of time for the grieving process.  You may be going through so many emotions, including anger, guilt and hopelessness or you may be feeling numb or in shock.  Low mood and a hoplessness can sometimes be experienced as you try to come to terms with your loss.

It takes time to adjust to changes and find ways of coping with your loss.  It also takes time to adapt to a new way of being.  Sometimes talking to a counsellor can help.  I can help you work through your thoughts and feelings around the death of your loved one in order to help you find your way in the grieving process. 

Infant Loss

I have had specialist training in Infant Loss and as a counsellor I can offer you a safe place to explore your feelings around the loss of your child.  I may also be able help, if you are currently pregnant and experiencing some difficult thoughts and emotions.

Losing someone through suicide

It can be difficult to work through what may be happening to you and trying to make sense of what and why someone you love or care for has taken their life.  It can be a long process emtonially and legally which can make coping feel more difficult.  I understand that it is improtant to have a safe space to be able to express all of those feelings and try to find some sense of your situation.  I have had training in complx greif and can offer you that time and space